A story about the Sierra Nevada Pass Ride of October 2022
October 2022 Sierra Nevada Pass ride

On Friday evening Sept 30, Scott Nelson and Larie Trippet met in Folsom, CA for dinner prior to the ride on Saturday and Sunday.  We enjoyed good food and drink along with conversation.
At 8:30 Saturday morning the 2 departed and met Ron Mead and his wife Susan in Angels Camp, CA about an hour later.
The bikes with riders, went south to Highway 4 and turned east to go over Ebbetts pass.  After descending down the east slope, we turned onto Highway 89 to go over Monitor Pass (Larie’s favorite!)
At highway 395 we turned south to the lunch stop in Walker CA.  The Walker burger is an excellent burger stop along the way.
Proceeding south we came to Highway 108 and Sonora Pass.  Ultimately we arrived in Sonora CA for the night.  We chose a Mexican restaurant for dinner, and followed that up with a beer at the local brewery, Sonora Brewing Co.
Sunday morning, we left after breakfast at about 8:30.  Following Highway 49 north and a scenic, twisty short cut on Highway 26 over to Highway 88.  In an effort find a Starbucks to use a gift card, we back tracked all the way to Highway 49.  
From Starbucks, Scott headed home while Larie Ron and Susan took off on Highway 88.  Lunch was found at the Kirkwood Inn.  Larie proceeded home to Reno while Ron and Susan took another crack at Monitor Pass.
The weather was awesome, the fellowship was awesome.  I think we will do it again in 2023!