The idea: Show your fellow Rotarians how beautiful Texas is in the spring.
Wildflowers all over the place and what a great area we have for motorcycles.
A very famous ride call’s the “Twisted Sisters”. I can’t tell you, how many times in the last 4 – 5 years I wanted to ride over there. Something always interfered with our plans and we never had the chance to ride to Bandera, TX.  This time, everything seemed perfect! I found a place for all of us to stay, The Twin Elm Ranch. I picked this place because of the campground, RV places and nice cabins.
On the same weekend, Bandera would host the annual "Thunder in the Hill Country" motorcycle rally. It Couldn’t be a better weekend for motorcycling Rotarians to get together! Even the weather was with us until ….. the coronavirus came around and the closer the weekend came, more riders had to cancel because of it.  It looked like, I shouldn’t ride the “Twisted Sisters”.
Don’t ask me why but even as our county sent out the “stay and work home safety order” I couldn’t cancel our cabin on the Ranch. I called them to check out the situation and they told me: “we are still open”. The restaurants in town are closed but we will do everything to make your stay happen. So I talked with my husband and said “let us do it”! He knows his sometimes crazy wife good enough to know, I would not accept a “NO”.
Two days later we started our 260 mile ride up to Bandera. We picked the back roads from Friendswood to Alvin over the HWY 35, the FM1462 to the HWY 36 to Rosenberg to the old 90A to Seguin. In the afternoon we arrived at the Ranch after miles and miles with wildflowers on the route. Priceless!!!
At the Ranch we received a warm welcome. Because of the situation, Vicky the owner, cooked dinner for us. Good home cooking. Next morning we started our ride to the “Twisted Sisters” (FM335, 336 & 337)! About 200 miles zig zagginh, up and down through this awesome area. On the road you could see there was not much traffic.
The motorcycle rally in Bandera was cancelled as well. There were only a few crazy riders like us.  They didn’t let the virus cancel their plan’s. In the afternoon we returned to the ranch happy and tired.
The next day we had another IFMR member, PDG Jeff Tallas from Sugarland, TX, join us. He met us at the gas station in town. The plan to ride to San Antonio wasn’t going to work because of the high infection risk from the virus. That’s why we decided….. I’m sure you know what we rode, right?
The Twisted Sisters, of course!
We had a lot of fun together and met more riders than the days before. When we returned back to the Ranch on that last afternoon, the owner surprised us and two other motorcycle couples with a barbecue as a thank you for our business. It was a great finale for an awesome trip.
Sunday morning facing 49oF we started making our way back home with the new idea that “I need to show my fellow Rotarians this area ….. maybe next year”!
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