IFMR Ride Guides are member-volunteers of the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (IFMR) appointed by the President of IFMR-NA or an IFMR-NA Regional Director to serve a specific state, region, or Rotary district, or 'at large'. Their role and responsibility in IFMR is to…
  • organize and promote local IFMR rides and fellowship events in their area on a regular, continuing basis;
  • publicize the Fellowship and promote and expand membership among Rotarians and Rotaract members in their area/district and beyod;
  • provide local information and assistance to IFMR members visiting or interested in their area;
  • work with IFMR international and chapter officers and other Ride Guides to develop regional, national, and international rides and events; promote and expand membership and participation in the Fellowship; and promote international understanding and goodwill;
  • develop and maintain continuing regular communications with current, past, and future Rotary District Governors, assistant governors, club presidents, and other district leaders in their area to represent and promote IFMR and Rotary Fellowships;
  • develop and maintain continuing regular communications with IFMR-NA members in their area/district via email, newsletters, blogs, social media, etc.;
  • Keep the IFMR-NA newsletter editor informed of activities and events within your area of responsibility, and provide an article for each newsletter;
  • Keep the IFMR-NA leadership team informed of activities and events happening within your area of responsibility;
  • Be an active participant of quarterly team calls