Posted on Jul 25, 2017

IFMR-NA has recently created its own page on Facebook. You can check it out and 'friend' us at:

It's another way for IFMR-NA to spread the word and for IFMR members and others to share information. Take a look!

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Posted on Jul 25, 2017
First and Third Monday of each Month at 5:00pm EST

IFMR-NA is announcing the start of a Rotary E-Club for motorcycle minded persons interested in belonging to the Rotary but are unable to attend a traditional club.

This Rotary club would be ideal for persons wanting to be part of Rotary but have issues attending a traditional club for various reasons, meeting times, relocation, travel, to name a few.

Belong to a Traditional Club but are also interested in the Motorcycling Rotarian E-Club? Associate membership is available at a nominal cost.

Come join the meetings at:
Zoom Meeting Connection info: Click Here
Download Zoom at: Click Here

Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Motorcycle e-Club
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Posted on Mar 12, 2015
The North American chapter of IFMR (IFMR-NA) is pleased to nominate PDG Raymond E. Plue, DVM, as candidate for International President of IFMR for the term 2015-2018. Raymond served as President of the North American chapter of IFMR 2007-2010 and as Governor of Rotary District 6080 2010-2011. He currently serves as chairman of the IFMR-NA Council of Governors, which he helped found in 2011, and as Dean of the District 6080 Rotary Leadership Academy. He also continues to serve in a number of other key leadership roles in Rotary District 6080 and beyond.
IFMR International President Raymond Plue
Raymond Plue, Past President of IFMR-NA Selected as Next IFMR International President 2015-03-12 04:00:00Z 0 IFMR International President,Raymond Plue