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IFMR-NA President's Newsletter - September 2015

Attached is the December 2015 issue of the IFMR-NA President's newsletter, which includes the following topics:

* Coming events
* Fall Rides Cap Active Year for IFMR-NA Riders
* President Tim Cudd's "Notes from the Top"
* IFMR-NA People News
* Visit the IFMR-NA Store for Bargains
* SE Region Report
* NC Region Report
* SC & Mexico Report
* Webmaster Needed
* Bob & Otto Tour Morocco
* Introducing New Editor Juan Yebra

Finally, if you haven't already done it, remember to go online today and pay your annual dues and renew your IFMR-NA membership for 2015-16. It's quick and easy. Just go to IFMR-NA.org, select 'Pay/renew dues via credit card' in the left-hand column, update your contact and profile information, and pay your dues on-line by credit card. It only takes a few minutes and it keeps you in contact with IFMR and your IFMR friends, and us in contact with you. We don't want to lose you!

Meanwhile, Ride Safe, Stay Well, and Keep in Touch!

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IFMR-NA President's Newsletter - September 2015

Attached is your PDF copy of the September 2015 IFMR-NA President's newsletter, which includes the following topics:

* Coming Events
* Membership Director Changes
* President Tim Cudd's "Notes ... from the Top"
* Your IFMR Dues are Due!
* Mexico Rotary Club Pushes Rider Safety

Newsletter Link

IFMR-NA President's Newsletter - June 2015

Attached is your PDF copy of the June issue of the IFMR-NA President's Newsletter, which includes the following topics:

  *  New & Old IFMR World Presidents 'Pass the Baton' at RI Convention
  *  Coming Events
  *  President Tim Cudd's "Notes from the Top"
  *  IFMR People News
  *  Summer Specials from the IFMR-NA Store
  *  Regional Ride Reports from around IFMR-NA

Newsletter Link

IFMR-NA President's Newsletter - April 2015

Attached is your PDF copy of the IFMR-NA President's Newsletter for April 2015, which contains the following items:

   * Raymond Plue Elected IFMR World President 2015-2018
   * President Tim Cudd's "Notes from the Top"
   * Update from the IFMR-NA Store
   * Riding in Mexico: Visit Beautiful San Miguel de Allende
   * Region Reports from Regional Directors
   * IFMR India Riders Visit Archeological Site

After you've looked at this issue, think about forwarding it on to several of your Rotary friends who ride but aren't yet IFMR members, encouraging them to take a look at the IFMR-NA.org website, where they can also sign up for membership and pay their $20 annual dues online by credit card.  You might want to also mention the story about IFMR in the May issue of ROTARIAN magazine.  In fact, you should make sure everyone in your local Rotary club is aware of it and takes a look.  It's a great story!  And many of us were surprised to hear that IFMR is now the second largest Rotary Fellowship.  So, spread the word!!!

Newsletter Link

IFMR-NA President's Newsletter - February 2015

Attached is your PDF copy of the February 2015 issue of the IFMR-NA president's newsletter, which includes the following:

* Coming Events
* New IFMR Greece Chapter Formed
* Notes from IFMR-NA President Tim Cudd
* Regional Reports
* IFMR-AGS Celebrates its 15th Anniversary,
Announces 2016 International Ride
* Rotary Motorcycle Rally in India Targets Illiteracy

HELP WANTED: IFMR-NA President Tim Cudd is actively searching for successors for Membership Director Jean Dores and Newsletter Editor Bob Shriner, both of whom have served in those posts for five years or longer and are wishing to pass the baton to new blood (after providing training for their successor). Both positions require 6-8 hours or less per month, experience using word processor and spreadsheet software, contact with IFMR members and prospects from all areas of the chapter and beyond, and collaboration with other chapter officers and directors in building and maintaining the Fellowship. Knowledge of motorcycle riding also helpful. <grin>

If you have interest and experience in either of these areas, as well as a love of motorcycling, and would like to be considered for one of these key IFMR positions, please contact Tim Cudd at tim.cudd@ifmr-na.org or 636-928-0047 before 1 May 2015. There's no better way to meet and make friends with fellow Rotarian motorcyclists all over the world.

Several Regional Directors are also seeking member-volunteers to help gather and distribute news, photos, ride reports, and other information to IFMR members in their region and for the IFMR-NA newsletter and website. If you have an interest in helping IFMR at the regional level by serving as a Regional Information Officer and Associate Editor/Reporter, contact your Regional Director for more information.

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See the Upcoming Rides page for more details on these and other rides.

Be sure to look at some of the past rides on our Ride Archives Page.

See the Upcoming Rides page for more details.

For info on domestic and international IFMR rides, also check www.ifmr-na.org and www.ifmr.org If you plan an IFMR event in your area, send information about it to newsletter editor Juan Yebra editor@ifmrna.org and to webmaster Chris Jones at webmaster@ifmr-na.org.

* * *

Start planning your IFMR rides for 2017 now. Pick the date and location, then let us know and we'll help you get the word out to other IFMR members in your area. Also, let your DG, ADG, and district bulletin editor know; and ask them
to help you spread the word among Rotarians who may not have heard of IFMR yet. IFMR. . . Join, Ride, Share, Enjoy!!!


Please direct website only comments to chris.jones.rotary@gmail.com.

IFMR-NA questions should be directed to President Chris Jones, chris.jones.rotary@gmail.com.

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