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About the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians

The International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (IFMR) is a world-wide fellowship of Rotary Club members who enjoy and share the sport of motorcycling, travel and community service across boundaries and borders. Just one of the many fellowship groups created by and for Rotarians around the world. It was founded in 1992 by Rotarians in Australia, Canada, Sweden and the United States and now has members and chapters worldwide (Australia; Austria, German, Switzerland; Belgium; Central America; France; Great Britain, Ireland; India; Italy; Netherlands; New Zealand; North America; Norden; Slovenia; South Africa; South America; Turkey). The fellowship is open to all Rotarians with an interest in motorcycles…riding on/off-road, racing, collecting, restoring, motor scooters or otherwise.

The Motorcycling Fellowship is focused on having fun and fellowship, on meeting other Rotarians from around the world and on motorcycle safety. We fully support all of the tenets of Rotary, especially fellowship and tend to fulfill our community service through our local Rotary Clubs. Rides are planned by Rotarians and may be local, regional or international in scope. The Fellowship’s events are open to all Rotarians, their families and guests and all makes and models ridden by Rotarians are welcome.

Join, participate, share and enjoy!

IFMR-North America chapter dues are US$20, 01 July – 30 June. Late dues and donations are always accepted. Please complete and return the membership application form. In addition, to receive newsletters, organized ride information and member chat, please register on the IFMR-North America chapter website: www.IFMR-NA.org and at ifmr-nasubscribe@yahoogroups.com. The IFMR world-wide website is found at www.IFMR.org.

The IFMR-NA Eastern & Mid-Atlantic group holds spring and fall rides each year. The California group has held events such as the Alien Ride, the Desert Ride, the Indian Country Ride and Yosemite Rides. When the Rotary International convention is held in North America rides are generally organized to the convention, such as the Ride-to-Calgary, Route 66 Ride to Chicago and ride in the Rotary International convention Centennial Parade and for the Salt Lake City convention a ride up and down the Rocky Mountain chain from New Mexico/Arizona to Montana with riders from the west meeting riders from the east in Steamboat Springs, Colorado before going to Salt Lake City.

IFMR-NA international rides have included the America Started Here Tour in 2003 visiting Niagara Falls, Canada, Philadelphia, PA, Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello and sites along the Atlantic Coast from Maine to Virginia. Almost 20 riders from 7 different countries participated for two weeks and visited 10 states. The Wild West Posse Ride organized in 2005 visited old frontier forts, cattle-drive trails, wagon trails, Pony Express trail, cowboy/outlaw sites and the natural geologic wonders in the High-Plains. Eighteen riders from 6 different countries participated for two weeks and visited 8 states. The Great Lakes – Great Times Tour held in September 2008 included riders from several countries touring along and around the shores of the Great Lakes. Join, log-on and participate. In 2009, a number of IFMR-NA riders and wives who attended the RI Convention in Birmingham, England, participated afterward in a 1,900 mile motorcycle tour of England and Scotland organized by the IFMR Great Britain & Ireland chapter. In 2010, immediately following the RI Convention in Montreal, IFMR-NA held the Atlantic Canada tour – a 13-day 2,700 mile loop thru eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, then back to Montreal. Over twentyfive riders from eight countries, plus many spouses and friends, have signed up for the tour.

If there isn’t currently an IFMR group in your area, you can become the seed for developing your own local group and organize Rotary rides and shows at your Rotary club and make presentations to Rotary clubs regarding Rotary Internationals Fellowships. June is Rotary Fellowship month, an especially good time to organize your ride, show or presentation to Rotary club members about Rotary Fellowships.



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See the Upcoming Rides page for more details on these and other rides.

Be sure to look at some of the past rides on our Ride Archives Page.

See the Upcoming Rides page for more details.

For info on domestic and international IFMR rides, also check www.ifmr-na.org and www.ifmr.org If you plan an IFMR event in your area, send information about it to newsletter editor Juan Yebra editor@ifmrna.org and to webmaster Chris Jones at webmaster@ifmr-na.org.

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Start planning your IFMR rides for 2017 now. Pick the date and location, then let us know and we'll help you get the word out to other IFMR members in your area. Also, let your DG, ADG, and district bulletin editor know; and ask them
to help you spread the word among Rotarians who may not have heard of IFMR yet. IFMR. . . Join, Ride, Share, Enjoy!!!


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