The Indian Himalayas is unlike anywhere else on Earth, a rich tapestry of dramatic scenery and fascinating cultural diversity. En route of this motorcycle tour across the Himalayas you will be awe-struck by the rugged peaks of the Himalayas, you will sip tea in a hill station before hopping back on your motorcycle and ride to the world highest road, you will experience the rush of river crossing by your motorcycle and find inner peace at a yoga retreat.


On this tour you will also experiences crossing a couple of the highest mountain passes in the world, an experience that worth doing on its own, not to mention doing it on the legendary Royal Enfield Motorcycle


Cross India Challenge is a series of guided motorcycle and scooter tours across the vast Indian territories, and although we have included everything you need into our tour packages, but traveling always require prior planning. Here you will find some further details that will help you plan your next adventure around India.


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IFMR-NA Northeast Area Spring Ride 2018 2018-03-28 04:00:00Z 0
The International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (IFMR) is a world-wide fellowship of Rotary Club members who enjoy and share the sport of motorcycling, travel and community service across boundaries and borders. It was founded in 1992 by Rotarians in Australia, Canada, Sweden and the United States and now has members and chapters worldwide. The IFMR world-wide website is found at The fellowship is open to all Rotarians with an interest in motorcycles…riding on/off-road, racing, collecting, restoring, motor scooters or otherwise.
The Motorcycling Fellowship is focused on having fun & fellowship, meeting other Rotarians from around the world, and motorcycle safety. We fully support all of the tenets of Rotary, especially fellowship and tend to fulfill our community service through our local Rotary Clubs. Rides are planned by Rotarians and may be local, regional or international in scope. The Fellowship’s events are open to all Rotarians, their families and guests and all makes and models ridden by Rotarians are welcome.
IFMR-North America chapter dues are US$20, 01 July30 June
The IFMR-NA Eastern & Mid-Atlantic group holds spring and fall rides each year. The California group has held events such as the Alien Ride, the Desert Ride, the Indian Country Ride and Yosemite Rides. When the Rotary International convention is held in North America rides are generally organized to the convention.
IFMR-NA international rides have included rides all over North America, with some being day rides, and others being as long as 10 days. Each region decides what rides they will do, and we encourage ideas up through the Regional Directors about other possible rides. This is a Fellowship made up of great Rotarians, all with a vision of enjoying each other while enjoying our riding machines.
If there isn’t currently an IFMR group in your area, you can become the seed for developing your own local group and organize Rotary rides and shows at your Rotary club and make presentations to Rotary clubs regarding Rotary Internationals Fellowships. June is Rotary Fellowships month, an especially good time to organize your ride, show or present to Rotary club members about Rotary Fellowships. Learn more about Rotary Fellowships at
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Posted on Jul 25, 2017

IFMR-NA has recently created its own page on Facebook. You can check it out and 'friend' us at:

IFMR-NA FaceBook Link

It's another way for IFMR-NA to spread the word and for IFMR members and others to share information. Take a look!


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Posted on Jul 25, 2017
Join us on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific.

IFMR-NA is announcing the start of a Rotary eClub for motorcycle minded persons interested in belonging to the Rotary but are unable to attend a traditional club.

This Rotary club is ideal for persons wanting to be part of Rotary but have issues attending a traditional club for various reasons, meeting times, relocation, travel, to name a few.

Belong to a Traditional Club but are also interested in the Motorcycling Rotarian E-Club? Associate membership is available at a nominal cost.

Come join the meetings at:
Zoom Meeting Connection info: Click Here
Download Zoom at: Click Here

Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Instagram:  Motorcycling_Rotarians_eClub
Twitter:  @motorcycl_eclub

Motorcycle e-Club
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Posted on Mar 12, 2015
The North American chapter of IFMR (IFMR-NA) is pleased to nominate PDG Raymond E. Plue, DVM, as candidate for International President of IFMR for the term 2015-2018. Raymond served as President of the North American chapter of IFMR 2007-2010 and as Governor of Rotary District 6080 2010-2011. He currently serves as chairman of the IFMR-NA Council of Governors, which he helped found in 2011, and as Dean of the District 6080 Rotary Leadership Academy. He also continues to serve in a number of other key leadership roles in Rotary District 6080 and beyond.
IFMR International President Raymond Plue
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