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IFMR Ride Guides

IFMR Ride Guides are member-volunteers of the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (IFMR) appointed by the President of IFMR-NA or an IFMR-NA Regional Director to serve a particular state or Rotary district, or 'at large'. Their role and responsibility in IFMR is to . . . .

  • organize and promote local IFMR rides and fellowship events in their area on a regular, continuing basis;

  • publicize the Fellowship and promote and expand membership among Rotarians and Rotaract members in their area/district and beyond;

  • provide local information and assistance to IFMR members visiting or interested in their area;

  • work with IFMR international and chapter officers and other Ride Guides to develop regional, national, and international rides and events; promote and expand membership and participation in the Fellowship; and promote international understanding and goodwill;

  • develop and maintain continuing regular communications with current, past, and future Rotary District Governors, assistant governors, club presidents, and other district leaders in their area to represent and promote IFMR and Rotary Fellowships

  • develop and maintain continuing regular communications with IFMR-NA members in their area/district via email, newsletters, blogs, social media, etc.

  • Listed below please find the Ride Guides and Regional Directors.


      IFMR Ride Guides & Regional Directors  
    * Regional Director    ** Past President IFMR-NA  # Past District Governor
    Region  State/Dist Name  Email     (at) = @
        Northcentral Region  
    NC IA    
    NC IL    
    NC IN    
    NC KS    
    NC KY    
    NC MI Rory Windrim* rlwindrim(at)aol.com
    NC MN    
    NC MO Raymond Plue ** # plue-r(at)socket.net
    NC ND-SD    
    NC NE    
    NC OH David Daugherty # ddaugherty6(at)gmail.com
    NC WI    
    NC-Can MAN    
        Northeast Region  
    NE CT-RI    
    NE MA    
    NE MD/DE Eric Grubb # edg(at)grubbcontractors.com
    NE ME    
    NE NJ    
    NE NY/eastern Charles Foote bcfoote(at)aol.com
    NE NY/western Myron Fox myronfox(at)yahoo.com
    NE PA    
    NE VA  Bob Shriner ** bob(at)shriner.com
    NE VT-NH    
    NE-Can NB    
    NE-Can NS Clarke Paynter clarke.paynter(at)ns.sympatico.ca
    NE-Can ONT Blair Campbell* blarecam(at)gmail.com
    NE-Can PE    
    NE-Can QC    
        Northwest Region  
    NW AK    
    NW ID    
    NW MT    
    NW OR    
    NW WA Marc Baker* mqbhdrotary(at)gmail.com
    NW WY    
    NW-Can ALB    
    NW-Can BC Otto Rieve ottorieve(at)telus.net
    NW-Can SASK    
        Southcentral Region  
    SC AR    
    SC LA Mark Shirley* marks(at)dandwcpa.org
    SC OK    
    SC TX    
    SC-Mex MX Leticia Perra parratoledo(at)hotmail.com
        Southeast Region  
    SE AL    
    SE FL Earl Halle ** eb123halle(at)aol.com
    SE GA Bob Griggers #  
    SE MS    
    SE NC Carlton Pernell* carltonpernell(at)aol.com
    SE TN Tom Kales  
        Southwest Region  
    SW AZ    
    SW CA/north&central Don Theile* dtheile(at)sbcglobal.net
    SW CA/SanFrancisco Rick J Nice  
    SW CA/Southern Ron Lyster ** ron(at)lyster.com
    SW CO    
    SW NM    
    SW NV    
    SW UT    
    Zone State/Dist Name  email
    * Regional Director    ** Past President IFMR-NA  # Past District Governor



    * * * * *



    *** COMING EVENTS ***

    See the Upcoming Rides page for more details on these and other rides.

    Be sure to look at some of the past rides on our Ride Archives Page.

    See the Upcoming Rides page for more details.

    For info on domestic and international IFMR rides, also check www.ifmr-na.org and www.ifmr.org If you plan an IFMR event in your area, send information about it to newsletter editor Juan Yebra editor@ifmrna.org and to webmaster Chris Jones at webmaster@ifmr-na.org.

    * * *

    Start planning your IFMR rides for 2017 now. Pick the date and location, then let us know and we'll help you get the word out to other IFMR members in your area. Also, let your DG, ADG, and district bulletin editor know; and ask them
    to help you spread the word among Rotarians who may not have heard of IFMR yet. IFMR. . . Join, Ride, Share, Enjoy!!!


    Please direct website only comments to chris.jones.rotary@gmail.com.

    IFMR-NA questions should be directed to President Chris Jones, chris.jones.rotary@gmail.com.

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